Ezybonds Global Payments

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ezymerchant Program?
The Ezymerchant program is an operating software system accessible to all registered Ezyaccount members. As an Ezymerchant, you can instantly receive payments from your customers without the need to establish a conventional merchant account. By using our unique on line payment button, you can instantly accept credit card payments, Ezycash PINs and Ezyaccount email transfers by simply installing our payment button on your web site. All transactions are then processed directly into your Ezyaccount.

What is the Ezyaccount payment button?
This is a user-friendly, on line coded HTML button that facilitates instant payments to you from your customers. The payment button permits new and existing customers to simultaneously open a Ezyaccount and pay you by their credit card or Ezycash PINs. It also permits your existing customers to pay you by their Ezyaccount within seconds.

Do my customers have to pay anything to open an Ezyaccount when paying me via the payment button for the first time?
No. The Ezymerchant program is flexible. You can preset the payment button to automate the type of membership level and transaction fees most suitable to your customers. If your customers pay you less frequently, then you may want to activate the membership level. Alternatively, you may elect to activate the weekly or monthly membership levels so that your customers also participate in the Ezybond Dividend Draws and pay lower transaction fees for a nominal membership fee.

What happens when existing customers use the payment button but don’t have sufficient cleared funds in their Ezyaccount?
The payment button was specifically designed to reduce processing times by offering existing customers the use of their default credit card should there be insufficient cleared funds available in their Ezyaccount. These additional funds are instantly uploaded into their Ezyaccount, cleared instantly and transferred to the merchant's Ezyaccount. All this is done without the customer ever having to leave your store or website.

As an Ezymerchant do I have to pay any fees?
As an Ezymerchant, you pay no fees unless you decide to subsidise your customers’ fees. There are absolutely no bank fees, credit card fees, turnover fees, charge backs or reserves payable.

I am a very large organisation with many customers and wish to see our Ezyaccount funds in a bank of my choice. Can I do this?
Yes. As an organisation with a customer database, there is no need for you to change your current banking arrangements. We can arrange for your Ezyaccount funds to be held in an `escrow account’ with the bank of your choice.

Can I send invoices using my Ezyaccount?
Yes. After logging in, just click the “Invoice” button on the Ezymerchant overview page and begin creating, sending or receiving invoices and refunds through email.

Can I make multiple or scheduled payments using my Ezyaccount?
Yes. As an Ezymerchant, you can make single, multiple or scheduled payments instantly by uploading data via an XML spreadsheet. This is a useful function for organisations seeking to make instant payments of wages, commissions and supplier invoices to large numbers of staff, affiliates and suppliers.

Many of my customers are referred to my site by resellers or web masters. Can I automatically pay them for their percentage share of payments made by such referred customers?
Yes. After logging in and clicking the “Payment Splits” button in the Ezymerchant overview, simply preset the required payment sharing parameters. The Ezymerchant operating program will automatically transfer payments to your webmasters or resellers the instant a customer makes a payment.

Some industries have been hard hit by the processing requirements of credit card companies. How has the Ezyaccount avoided this?
Although the credit card coding changes have seriously impacted many on line organisations, the Ezyaccount (as a payment gateway provider), continues to enjoy credit card processing facilities in jurisdictions outside the USA, is not directly involved in on line gaming (codes 7995 and 59), and retains an extensive variety of merchant clients. Ezyaccount members merely transfer credit card funds to themselves where such transactions are deemed “quasi cash” and hence, outside the provisions of Regulation Z.