Ezybonds Global Payments

Welcome to Ezymerchants

1. Open your Ezyaccount
Prior to installing your payment button, you must be registered as an Ezyaccount Member. If you are already registered as an Ezyaccount Member, then please proceed directly to Step 2. Otherwise, complete the Ezyaccount Membership Registration Form. When you receive your Ezyaccount welcome email, please take particular note of your Ezy ID Number, Username, Password and Security Code as this will be vital for your payment button installation.
2. Register as a Certified Merchant
Prior to activating your payment button, you must be registered as a Certified Merchant. The application process provides us with necessary information about you and outlines the terms and conditions upon which we are prepared to process your transactions.
In addition, all applications must be referred to us by an Accredited Corporate Manager. Please complete the Certified Merchant and Accredited Corporate Manager Application Form. If you do not have an existing relationship with an Accredited Corporate Manager, please use Ezy ID 1077 [Ezybonds Inc] as your referral ID.
3. Choose your Payment Button installation method
Technical Assistance
Please contact Ezy Support.